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nana heart charm
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grand ma mask w head
Come here give your Nana a kiss! The Grand Ma Mask is so realistic that people may mistake you for their very own grandmother. The mask is handmade in the U.S.A. with wrinkles and other details that make it realistic. It even has red lipstick just like Nana wears. Topping it all off is a babushka made of floral patterned fabric. Not recommended for children. details
chevron pretty purple party
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pretty kitty pinata
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women39s pretty pouf
Accented with pretty faux fur poufs and comfort-lined in microterry, these luxurious Women's Pretty Pouf Slippers include a padded footbed. Slight wedge heel. Non-slip rubber soles. Microsuede polyester. Imported. details
chevron pretty purple event
Make any meal special with a Chevron Pretty Purple Event Pack in your favorite color! Event Pack includes: (8) Chevron Pretty Purple Dinner Plates(8) Chevron Pretty Purple Dessert Plates(12) Chevron Pretty Purple 12 oz. details
pretty by elizabeth arden set
Elizabeth Arden. Series: Pretty. Gender: Ladies. Category: Beauty and Personal Care. Type: Sets. Style: PRY2B. Barcode: 085805550516. EDP Spray 1.7 oz, Body Lotion 3.3 oz, Shower Gel 3.3 oz. Pretty by Elizabeth Arden Set (w). This item is only valid for shipment in the Contiguous United States. details
ivoirian wood mask guro ancestor
Nana Adu Amankwapam I depicts a personage from the Guro people of Cote d Ivoire. Serene features seem at peace as an elder closes his eyes in slumber. The mask is used when the Guro have to consult with their ancestors, the artisan explains. details
ghanaian wood mask prudence
A wide forehead suggests the wisdom of experience. Eyes are watchful and the mouth is prudently closed. This personage listens, observes and thinks before taking action. Carving African sese wood, Nana Frimpong creates a mask of his own design. details
loves eau so pretty  dana edp
Oriental. Type: Floral. Design house: Dana. Scent name: Love's Eau So Pretty. Gender: Ladies. Category: Perfume. Type: Fragrance. SubType: EDP Spray. Size: 1.5 oz. Style: EOPES15. Barcode: 046447300105. Loves Eau So Pretty / Dana EDP Spray 1.5 oz (45 ml) (w). This item is only valid for shipment in the Contiguous United States. details
wood fertility doll comforter
Beautifully feminine, an akuaba fertility doll symbolizes the force of tradition. In Ghana, such figures are believed to assist a woman who wants to conceive a baby. Nana Frimpong carves the lovely doll that also represents beauty and wisdom. details
clinique  pretty easy 01 black
Clinique. Series: Pretty Easy. Gender: Ladies. Category: Cosmetics. Type: Makeup. SubType: Eye Liner. Size: 0.02 oz. Style: CQPREAELLQ1. Barcode: 020714754082. Clinique / Pretty Easy 01 Black Eye Liner Liquid 0.02 oz (.6 ml). This item is only valid for shipment in the Contiguous United States. details
wood beaded stretch bracelet
Alternating recycled and sese wood beads create a stylish stretch bracelet, featuring a neutral color palette. Crafted by Ghana's Eva Nana Yaa Kasuum, this design will flow well with most outfits. details
gabonese wood african mask fang
An imposing personage closes its eyes as though in prayer. By Nana Adu Amankwapam I, this mask represents the Fang people of Gabon. The mask is believed to serve as an intermediary with the spiritual world, he explains. Anytime they need to inquire the gods about a future event, this is the mask that is put on. details
akan wood mask chameleon charisma
Inspired by the artistic legacy of the Akan people, Nana Frimpong carves an extraordinary sese wood mask featuring a chameleon. According to tradition, this mask is reserved for those who worship more than one god and who behave according to convenience. details
congolese wood african mask
When the fetish priest of the Bakongo people needs to consult with their ancestors and ask for their blessing, he wears this mask, explains Nana Adu Amankwapam I. He carves this fabulous sese wood replica of the Congolese mask by hand, adding color to enhance its expressive presence. details
ghanaian wood mask oneness
Elongated lines and smooth, stylized features result in an elegant visage. Designer Nana Adu Amankwapam I presents an exquisite mask he names Biakuye. Biakuye means oneness, and such masks are used in African homes that exhibit the oneness a human being should have toward his fellow man. details
ashanti throne ottoman friend
Inspired by ancient custom, Nana Frimpong presents this exceptional ottoman in the style of regal Ashanti thrones. Frimpong carves this piece by hand of sese wood, his expertise evident in the fine detailing of the motifs that celebrate his adanfo, meaning friend. details
ghanaian wood mask good hope
Smooth features seem astonished while eyes light up like stars. Designed by Nana Adu Amankwapam I, this handsome hand carved mask arises from his own creative imagination. The stars represent the stars of good hope, he confides. details
ashanti throne stool no fear
Nana Frimpong transforms African sese wood into a handsome Ashanti throne stool. Traditionally used by West African royalty, its base features the Gye Nyame Adinkra symbol. With its rotating movements, it is understood as I fear none except God. details
ghanaian wood mask crowned by
Ducks crown an enigmatic visage, whose mouth turns down in a frown. Stern eyes are centered by an embossed brass plate and colorful trade seed beads form the moustache. Working in sese wood, Nana Adu Amankwapam I designs a mask of unusual beauty. details
wood sculpture akan judge
This stately countenance depicts a mask from Ghana's Akan people. The eyes and mouth are closed as though in contemplation. Embellished with brass and beads, this sculpture designed by Nana Adu Amankwapam depicts a mask embodied with judiciary powers. details
wood beaded stretch bracelet
Alternating wood and recycled beads are strung together with nylon to create a stylish bracelet. This beautiful design is crafted by artisan Eva Nana Yaa Kasuum of Ghana. The artist names her bracelet Ohemma, which means queen in the Akan language. details
wood sculpture ashanti friendship
Carved by hand from African sese wood, this sculpture is filled with meaning. It depicts two men clasping hands in a gesture of friendship and union. Chief Carver Nana Frimpong presents a piece from Ghana's Ashanti people. details
ghanaian wood mask adu39s
Carved in three dimensions and richly embellished, this circular mask boasts an extraordinary allure. Brass and copper add textural interest. Working with Nana Adu Amankwapam I, a young sculptor named Adu created this original design which bears his name. He crafts it from sese wood; it receives its rich color from mansion polish and ashes. details
wood wall adornments spoon and
Sculpted by hand, sese wood intertwines to form the handle of a traditional fork, while a spoon encloses a wood ball. Masks at the top represent the Ghanaian ancestors who used these implements. Chief Carver Nana recreates them as handsome wall sculptures. details
wood beaded stretch bracelet
The natural grain of sese wood shines brilliantly in this stretch bracelet. Alternating wood and recycled beads are strung together to create a stylish texture. This beautiful bracelet is crafted by Eva Nana Yaa Kasuum in Ghana. details
snowgang holiday
Pretty and pretty perfect, the Snowgang card affordably sends warm holiday greetings to your customers. Unique touches include detailed artwork celebrating the season. details
ghanaian wood mask sankofa bird
Chief carver Nana Frimpong celebrates Ashanti wisdom with the original design of this mask. Carved from sese wood, it features the legendary Sankofa bird with its head resting on its back. One of the legendary Adinkra symbols which emphasizes looking to the past to learn from it. details
yoruban wood african mask gelede
With downcast eyes, his face expresses sorrowful resignation. Yet a quiet dignity permeates his smooth features. This imposing mask by Nana Adu Amankwapam I represents those worn by male members of Yoruban Gelede societies. Such masks are worn at the funerals of deceased members. details